Floating Point - the second single from the upcoming record - a six minute instrumental adventure to Superterranea’s dark core.

Somewhat of a departure from the hooky, vocal led-”Replicant”. It lives in the same universe, but it’s an all-together different journey. A brooding evolution of synths and beats which alternate between acoustic and electric. Building to a huge 8-guitar stadium-rock finale.

“Floating Point” was the track that set us on the Superterranea journey and it spans a lot of the soundscape that the other tracks live within. Faultless and effortless drums executed as usual by Joshua Mac. <3

The next single “Worlds Without” will be a return to huge vocals and an amazingly exciting cameo monologue. Currently layering and mixing all this for release sometime before end of April.

Keep listening! The uptick on Spotify has been incredible as more and more people are streaming, saving and sharing.

Brook // Superterranea


Floating Point cover art. The International Space Station.

Floating Point cover art. The International Space Station.

Brook Downton